Structural repair & strengthening

Provide state of the art design and details to restore, reinforce, or enhance the structural integrity of a building or infrastructure element. This involves repairing damaged components, replacing deteriorated materials, or adding new structural support to increase load capacity and durability.

The scope of repair and strengthening work can vary depending on the specific needs of the structure. It may involve localized repairs to address specific damage or deterioration, or more extensive measures such as retrofitting or complete rehabilitation to improve overall performance and extend the useful life of the structure.

Some common methods for repair and strengthening designs we can provide include:

  1. Concrete repair: restoring cracked or damaged concrete using various techniques such as patching, overlaying, or injection.
  2. Steel reinforcement: adding steel elements such as plates, rods, or cables to increase the strength or stiffness of a structure.
  3. Strengthening using FRP(Fiber reinforced Polymer) per ACI 440 guidelines
  4. Masonry repair: addressing cracking, spalling, or other damage to brick or stone structures through repointing or replacement of damaged units.
  5. Retrofitting: adding new structural elements or upgrading existing ones to improve resistance to seismic, wind, or other loads.

Overall, repair and strengthening scopes are designed to ensure that buildings and infrastructure remain safe, reliable, and functional over their intended service life

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